Nurie a Puzzle mini TCG

April 18, 2020 - 17 comments
Oh no (((╹д╹;)))

Level upsSamu (White Smoke), Lex (White Smoke), Rizu (White Smoke), Helena (White Smoke), Sarah (Light Pink), saya (Light Pink)
MasteriesSamu (curryxrice, elvenprincesses), Lex (whiteroses), Cas (onlyyou), Helena (wonderlandwind), Sarah (newworldorder, heavenly, witchsgame, twilight), dottie (asteroidb612, witchrepose, jellyfish), Kayori (heavenly, kugane), Mio (elvenprincesses), saya (bluemoon, mermaid), april (bluehydrangeas, shootingstars)

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Nothing much else to say.
I've been playing Yakuza 0 and I'm over 24hs played and just started chapter 3. So many substories |・ェ・)

See you next week (。・o・。)ノ

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